Model Horse Tack Gallery

United States of America
Bridle with "Spade" Bit

Dozens of silvertone marbles

Fancy bit w/ connectors

Donation to LVL 2005
Simple Curb Bridle

Black leather

Dozens of goldtone marble
accents on bit

Leather-wrapped curb chain

Donation to LVL 2005
"Southwest" Bridle

Hundreds of tiny marbles

Artisan curb bit

Working tongue buckles

Turquoise colored accents

One- ear design
"Bling" Snaffle Bridle

Dozens of silvertone sequins

Flash noseband

Stitch marks

Working tongue buckles

Donation to LVL 2005
Light Breed Show Halters
Dressage Saddle- Large Traditional

"Easy-Use"  created 2009

Top grain black leather
Brass nameplate
Rhodium plated stirrups, hand
Dressage girth with Velcro closures
Knee rolls
No saddle pad -saddle only
Bridles and Halters Made  2004-2006
All-Purpose English Saddle with Antiqued Finish

Traditional size saddle set (minus quilted pad)

Caramel leather saddle with gold hardware

Bridle has authentic-style laced reins, Kimberwick bit, rolled fancy "stitching" throughout

Mink "sheepskin" English half pad

Classic hunter-style girth, adjustable

Created 2011

Renaissance Faire Costume (minus a saddle)

Made for Breyer  Idocus mold with over 2,200 decorations

Gold/green color with tassels and braiding

Adjustable bridle with conchos, poll cover, snaffle bit

Created 2011