United States Show Ring Arabian Horse
Off-White & Chocolate Leather
Off-White & Chocolate Leather

Egyptian-  inspired design with  
extra flair

Over 1,000 decorations

Hundreds of hand-stitched coins

Costume was made for...me.  :)
"The Ultimate"

Over 3,000 beads & 500 crystals

Reserve Overall Champion

First Place Winner

Third Place, Breyerfest Live 1998
1997 Costume Updated 2005

Patterned green velvet

Tiny gold sequin border

Hundreds of beads

Live show placer, 1998

Donated to live show
1998 Cranberry Velvet

Several hundred

Hundreds of beads

Matching female doll

Live show placer 1998
1997 Black Velvet/Gold Beaded

Thousands of beads

Covered cutback saddle

Live show placer, 1997/8 & 2003
Egyptian-Inspired Arabian Costume

Brown leather with hundreds of
goldtone decorations

Elaborate stirrups with crescents

Costume created 2007, even more
work will be done on it!  :)