Ultimate Find Productions FAQ

                           (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Q:  Do you take custom orders/commissions?

A. Yes, on tack & costumes only.  No custom orders on painted horses.  

Commissions for mosaic boxes are accepted sometimes.  5-piece minimum order required on boxes.  Jars are no
longer available.

Q:  How long does it take to make my costume?

A:   The average turnaround time is 2-4 months, depending on amount of work involved.

Q:  Do you need measurements for costume fitting?

A:  If I already have the same mold, measurements are not necessary.  However, if the model is an in-between size I
may email a chart to you with instructions on where you need to measure for optimum fit.  

Q:  What kinds of tack don't you make?

A:  I do not make the following- Harnesses; Western Saddles; Mexican Charro sets; Paso tack; American Indian
regalia; and turnout rugs/blankets.  While I truly appreciate the fine craftsmanship that goes into making these kinds of
tack, they just don't "inspire" me to create.  There are many talented individuals who can make these items for you
with more love and devotion than I could give.

Q:  Are "Rush Orders" available?

A:  No.  Each piece takes time to develop.  However, if you have a show coming up and the time frame is doable, I'll try
to speed things up where possible to help you out.

Q:  What sizes of tack do you make?

A:  All sizes of Traditional and Classic.  At this time Stablemate & Little Bit/Paddock Pal size is not offered.  

Q:  How do I know who made my tack?

A:  Many tackmakers sign their work; however, due to small scale and/or appearance's sake it is not always possible
for a craftsman to sign their tack.  

Almost all creations made by me (with the exception of very few halters/bridles) from the year 2000 and newer are
signed with a teardrop- usually turquoise in color.  Early pieces frequently were signed with the initials UFP.

Q:  Are any alterations of your work allowed?

A:  Yes.  You paid for it, so it's yours.  All I ask is that if the piece is altered and later offered for sale,  you disclose that
I made the piece & the name of the person who made the alterations/repairs.

Q:  Do you sell supplies?

A:  No, finished tack only.