Turkmenistan Model Horse Costume Gallery
Turkmenistan #6

Dual Collars and
Browband Set

Sterling Silver &

Red Glass with
Simulated Onyx
Turkmenistan #1

Nearly exact replica costume

Simulated carnelian "stones"

NAN Qualified, Las Vegas Live 2005

Completely hand stitched blanket

Pictured with Sue Rowe English Saddle

Created 2004
Turkmenistan #2

Classic Size

Simulated Lapis Lazuli stone
with pyrite inclusions

Bridle is nearly exact replica

Brass collar is real Central
Asian brass
Turkmenistan #3


Handmade jeweled
crescents & triangles

Sculpted & painted saddle
tree with cover


Neck collar set

Show donation
Turkoman #7,  NAN Qualifier

Sterling silver collars
Embroidered  "tree of life"
blanket on blue silk

Sculpted saddle w/
embroidered cover
86 tassels on braided thread
English stirrups
Snaffle bit
Turkoman #8 (2012)

Reproduction piece

Embroidered blanket, collar
Beaded & silver collars
"Evil eye" amulet pendant
Sculpted, covered saddle
Silver bridle