Spanish Doma Clasica Tack Gallery
3 -in-1   Doma Clasica/ Spanish
Heritage Tack  #1


Interchangeable 16-piece set
Espanola style saddle
3 saddle pads
3 girths
faux "sheepskin"  saddle cover
2 breastcollars
2 mantas estriberas (scarves)
2 mosqueros
2 cruppers
Detailed stirrups
Spainish Doma Clasica Set #2

2-tone leather saddle

Bridle w/ handmade Spanish bit

Sculpted traditional stirrups

Removable saddle cover

Stitched mantas estriberas

Crupper,saddle pad,
breastcollar, shaped girth
Spanish Alta Escuela tack set #3

Custom made for a resin horse in tan leather w/ simulated stitching
Double bridle has attached mosquero
Modified stirrups to authentic "Doma Clasica" style
Traditional Spanish flag-colored swallowtail saddle pad
Crupper, mantas estriberas, Velcro girth
Created 2008
Spanish Doma Clasica Set #4

"The Spanish Cross"
Double bridle with triple cross mosquero

Fancy saddle pad with matching mantas estriberas
Doma stirrups
Doma Clasica #5

Cherry and very dark brown leather

Double bridle with mosquero

Blue velvet with gold saddle pad & mantas estriberas

Nationals Qualified at first show, Pennsylvania
Doma Clasica #6

Elaborate stitching and triple-buckle girth
Hand braided mantas estriberas
Authentic style crupper

Black and white striped saddle pad (attached for easy tacking)
Double bridle with cast gold plated bit
Completed 2010
Doma Clasica #7

Saddle features simulated gold stitching
Spanish flag
themed saddle pad and mantas estriberas
Swirled authentic style mosquero

Rust and black leather

Fancy girth
Created 2010
Doma Clasica #8  with removable
saddle & breastcollar covers

Rust and gold mantas estriberas

Two-tone leather saddle

Cross themed mosquero

Cast gold plated Weymouth bit

Adjustable girth

Small Traditional size

Created 2010