Portuguese Tack Gallery
Portugal 4 (Imported)

Custom Ordered Set

Leather & fabric saddle

Baroque style bridle & breastcollar

Genuine mink croup pad

Modified pewter stirrups

Matching crupper

Saddle pad
Portugal #3

Presentation Set

Baroque bridle/breastcollar

Cranberry velvet blanket & croup pad

Custom-made mane ribbons

Feathers with sterling silver

Authentic style Portuguese stirrups

Nearly exact replica
Portugal #2

Oiled & treated leather saddle

Decorated bridle and

Gold stitch work

Felt saddle pad

Fancy gold buckles and conchos
Portugal #1

Custom Ordered Set

Made for a large resin horse

Hand stitched & painted croup pad

Spanish custom bridle w/ leather

curb strap added after pictures

Felt saddle pad
Portugal #5- Presentation Set

Custom ordered set, Classic size

Blue velvet with silver

Baroque bridle & breastcollar

Scalloped leather

Bonus splint boots

Made for Asombroso resin
Portugal #6- 2008

US Exhibition Costume- nearly exact
replica of real costume

Red & black leather saddle with

Cortezia style bridle & breastcollar

Detailed Portuguese stirrups

Hand painted mink croup pad
Portuguese Bullfighting Saddle

Nearly exact replication

Vaquero-style saddle. padded leather

Bridle with blackened buckles

Removable saddle cover


mantas estriberas & 2 arregadors

Off-white splint boots
Portugal #9

Everyday work saddle

Off-white and walnut leather
Traditional handmade bit
Double reins
Layered color croup pad
Detailed silver & woodgrain painted
Matching crupper
Slide buckles for easy use
Portugal #7

Teal velvet & black leather

Baroque-style bridle

Handmade bit, crosses on bridle

Concho breastcollar

Mink croup pad

Traditional style stirrups
Portugal #8

Nearly exact replica

Black leather

Handmade combined bit

Simulted wooden stirrups

Fancy conchos

Mink croup pad
Portugal #10

Relvas-style saddle & double bridle

Sculpted equitation deep seat saddle

Handmade traditional style curb

Fancy conchos & buckle keepers
Portugal #11

Authentic style bridle with bit and
double reins

Off-white saddle, padded and

Mink xairal (croup pad)

Wooden-style stirrups

Dual buckle girth

Created 2010
Portugal #14

"Aged Caramel"

Rust/caramel leather saddle with

Antiqued finish in several layers

Gold hardware

Handmade bit and stirrups

Light tan stitching

Created 2011
Portugal #12

Forest green/black/silver
Made for Vincenzo resin
Sterling silver buckle keepers
Silver stitching
Heavily decorated
Created 2011
Portugal #13

Off-white & reddish brown

Decorated box stirrups

Bridle with double reins &
handmade bit

Multi- layered xairal (croup

Created 2011
Traditional Portuguese
Show Halter #1

Black finished leather

Silver hardware

Single ring serreta

Simulated stitching

Made for Vincenzo resin
Portugal # 15 "The Black and White"

Painted replicated 'goat hair' croup pad

Brass tone hardware

Handmade stirrups

******FOR SALE******
Portuguese Bullfighting Tack (2011)

Mink saddle cover & matching mink-lined splint boots

Traditional bridle with handmade bit

Simulated stitching throughout
Portugal # 16 "Antique Red" (2011)

Aged look red & black leather with gold hardware

Bridle with handmade bit

Handmade stirrups

Black saddle pad

Gold crown decorations
Portugal #18
Portugal #17 "Emerald"

Elaborate bullfighting set

100's of hand-stitched designs

Matching mane/tail ribbons

2 breastcollars

Splint boots

Bridle with feather

Created 2012