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Magazine Ad Costume with Artist's Choice Cutback Saddle

Hundreds of rhinestones with gold leather and patterned fabric

Live Show Winner/4-time Nationals Qualifier

Created 2006

2 Prop Dog Collars for Pharoah

Traditional Size

Gold collar with beads, sequins,
metal filigree

Red multi is completely hand
stitched to match Morocco
Costume #4
Renaissance/SCA Re-Creation bridle

1/6 Scale and Oversize Traditional

Medeival costume bit, modified

Handmade pewter conchos w/ engraved
teardrop emblems

Silvertone buckle keepers

Rolled leather noseband

Curb chain with ring

Created 2008
Bejeweled Arabian Bridle

Modern-day version of a historical

20 Swarovski crystals

Several hundered decorations total

Cast brass bit

Elaborate throatlatch and Indian
brass  "X"-shaped browband

Treated dark brown leather

Created 2010