Arabian Model Horse Tack Gallery

Kingdom of Jordan
Jordan #7

Turquoise, Indigo, Green

88 Detailed Cowrie Shells

Multiple Amulets on Noseband
Jordan #6

Olive green

Red/yellow/blue decorations

Small Traditional size
Jordan #5

Classic size

Many decorations

Double color tassel toppers

Authentic style amulets
Jordan #4

Created 2004

Burnt orange & black

Handmade sharksteeth

Dozens of decorations
Jordan #3

Created 2004

Black with handmade

Hundreds of beads

Dozens of cowrie shells
Jordan #2

Created 2000- red/black/yellow/white

Multi-live show winner & Champion

English saddle below made by Sue Rowe
  Jordan #8

Navy blue/red/aqua/white

Hundreds of tassels

Dozens of cowrie shells

Small Traditional size

Silver & gold embroidery

Created 2010