Marwari necklace, Classic size

560 tiny glass marbles

70 modified Rio Rondo sharks'  

54 chrome seed beads

Shown with authentic style
cavesson & martingale
Traditional size Marwari tack


Authentic style leg bells

Multicolored reins

Decorated bridle

2- tone girth with buckles
India Costume Gallery
Marwari Costume #1

Indian Trooper saddle

Between 1,000- 2,000 decorations

Elaborate belled crupper

Handmade traditional style necklace

Tie down & string girth

Red and gold leather decorated bridle

Painted sterling silver elephants
Shah Jahan- Builder of the Taj Mahal

Based on a historical painting, with over 10,000 decorations

Sculpted details: Saddle tree, stirrups, feathers, turban, dagger, bow & arrows

Horse is customized and has dozens of mane pompoms

Pearl jewelry and accents

Spear has mink end on one side with arrow on the other

Created 2011