Customer comments since 2004

These are actual comments from emails, thank-you notes, letters received,
& references left from others

Egypt #2 and Italy #1:

Oh my, this saddle is lovelier than I could of imagined! The photos did not do it justice, it is
simply gorgeous, the detailing and hand stitching/padding is fantastic and so accurate. I am
in awe of you, I truly am! Also I must comment that I *LOVE* simply BOW IN RESPECT of
your 'new girth system' (with the velcro girths) I noticed it was on the Egyptian Dancing
horse costume as well, and not only is it EASY as pie to put on a horse, lt looks
FANTASTIC and...It is a dream for people like me with arthritis or mobility problems or who
cannot get those teeny tiny leather things in the holders! LOL! So I wanted to say THANK
YOU so much, and to let you know that I think the 'velcro girth system' is something really
WONDERFUL and perfect for many of the costumes and specialized saddles.

Decorated Box & Mosquero Browband:

The box you made is exquisite! What a gorgeous little gem! I love the spanish horse on the
cover, and the colors...It looks like an antique tackbox or reminds me of the old fashioned
little secret boxes people would carry their most prize possessions in! The leather on it is
wonderfully soft (and YES, I am petting it! LOL It BEGS to be gently stroked! How
sumptuous indeed!)

The mosquero is simply stunning! The colors in person just blow me away. I love the name
you came up for it (Fall collection) it is indeed so autumn like and reminds me of firery
swirling leaves on a crisp, clear afternoon! I love the way you already made it INTO a
browband that can just be slipped onto a bridle...Ingenuius indeed! :) and thank you, thank
you for the extra "tassles" (??) leather fringe... Every
time I look at your work I am just blown
away by the meticulous detail you do in miniature!

Mosquero Buyers

(Purchased 4):
The mosqueros were very popular.  I'll get some pix out to you. Everyone really liked how
delicate and precise they were. They are just awesome on the horses.

Hi Jill,   Rec
eived my little "do-dad" today. Absolutely incredible how small-you must have
eye and hands that are amazing to do such little, tediuse work. And thanks for the little bag!

Hi, I was going to let you know I just got in the two mosquero's and they look great thank
you so much

Turkmenistan #6:

I just purchased some bling for my Teke from Jill Aman and couldn't be
happier with the transaction. She was friendly & fast and her work is
absolutely exquisite. I also give her a bonus green for excellent
communication. It might seem like a small courtesy but it speaks

Portugal Costume #:

I bought a Portuguese Dressage set that is a Magnificent work of
Art!! Heads up to this talented lady!! Great communicator, too!

Portugal Costume #9:

The tack set arrived and I spent the whole afternoon just admiring it on my model. Can't get
up the nerve to wrap it all up for the show cause I love looking at it. LOL

Portugal Costume #8:

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! the costume is absolutely beautiful. :-D i am jumping for joy :-) thank you so

Portugal Costume #7:

Well, I’m just speechless, and those who know me would say that’s a herculean feat!  This
set is simply stunning, Jill.  The color is just as sumptuous in real life as it is in the
photographs.  The whole set just exudes a stately air of elegance and so beautifully
compliments the model.   It’s so rich looking it reminded me of a tapestry table cover that I
have stowed away and I suddenly wondered how that would look as a photo backdrop for
the model with the saddle.  If I have time this weekend I may have to dig out my photo
equipment and try that idea.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Do you cast the stirrups yourself?  They are so cool!

Anyway, give yourself a big pat on the back!  This is the fourth work of yours that I am very
proud to own.  I truly appreciate your efforts in every way!

Portugal Costume #6:

Wow Jill
There are just not enough words to describe how much I love this set! We are in the middle
of starting a small remodel and I packed up my Alborozo and I am dying to go dig him out to
play with it. The detail is amazing pictures do not do it justice and as soon as I get the
Alborozo custom done I will have to send you pictures I can hardly wait till march now for a  
show. And I am wondering what other costume that I need now lol

Portugal Costume #4:

Hi and WOW!!!  So pretty, Jill.  I really like it a lot.  
Thanks so much for your hard work and thanks for your help.

Portugal Costume #3

it arrived, and i am just stunned in person.  WOW!!!  

you are phenomenal.  and oh boy, it could be a while, but i can't wait to see some teke tack.

Portugal Costume #1

The set is simply GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! It is so lovely and beautiful thank you so very much!
:) Now I will have to very carefully figure it all out and how it goes on! (Will be dragging up
your photos for reference! LOL!) The pad came out spectacular, I thought it was REAL
FUR! I can't believe you did that all by hand, simply STUNNING!...
And the bridle, of my gosh, I LOVE the frontella's <sp??> the long strips of leather on it...So
very beautiful.....Oh I am just in 7th heaven with this set Jill!!!!! Thank you so very, very
much! :)

Morocco Costume #4:

Hi Jill -
I just wanted to let you know that the Moroccan saddle set is just
stunning!! The detail is amazing and it looks so nice on my PSA The Sun
Pharao. I again want to thank you for being so wonderful to work with and
for dealing with my tardiness.  When I'm able to get the set shown, LS or PS, I'll send you
updates. I
have some pictures of it on Pharao if you want me to send a couple. I
also posted an ad on MH$P thanking you. :o)
Thanks again soooo much!

Morocco Costume #3:

The costume is gorgeous. I can't wait to get it here and on my Eberl Arabian!

Historical Spanish Riding School Set:

Everything arrived and it's perfect! Thanks so much!

Spanish Long Rein Set:

I wanted to let you know the LONG REIN set arrived just fine, and as always the details and
craftsmanship you put into each piece are simply wonderful if not down right amazing! (How
can one do such tiny details without their eyes bugging out! LOL!) The "bling" on the
browband and noseband are the perfect touch and the design on the velvet blanket is both
modern but has that old-world touch of elegance I so enjoy in your work! :)

Spanish Presentation Halter #2:

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Jill Aman from for my
Spanish presentation halter. I have wanted one of these for my Esperanza for quite some
time. I happened to see Jill's ad on MH$P and bought it right away. I'm blown away by the
detail - she did an excellent job. She also was a dream to work with - very friendly, quick
reply to emails, and fast, safe shipping. I highly recommend her! Check out her website for
a real treat - she does tack from around the world, and it is FANTASTIC! Great job, Jill, and
thanks again!

Spanish Presentation Halter #1:

My BEAUTIFUL Spanish Halter arrived today, breathtaking work as always my
friend! I always marvel at how wonderfully detailed you make the pieces. So many
different horses I can put it on! LOL!

Islamic Arabian Horse Necklaces:

Just to let you know your lovely Arab neckless came. Just love it.

I've received the necklace and I'm very happy with it.

I LOVE that last one I got from you - I know I will this one also!

The package arrived safely today, Mmmmmm man, oh man! I love ALL the goodies, they
are so lovely and the two amulets are adorning two different arabians. The halter fits
PERFECTLY the CM arabian mare I had in mind for it (and I was kinda worried since she
has a lowered neck with a LONG flowing forelock and mane).

Tennessee Walking Horse Bridles:

#1-  the bridle is LOVELY -- thank you!! And the little bag is VERY cute, I can definitely put
it to good use. :->

#2-  Thank you Jill for the bridle and the lovely little necklace! All of it is so very cool... Take
care, I appreciate your craftwork and the hints!

#3-  Boy, can this gal do tack!! She did an AWESOME TWH show bridle,saddle
and breastplate for me. The detail is superb and soooo correct! I would
reccomend her to anyone! She keeps in constant contact with pix and
Thanx again Jill, you're the best!!

Turkmenistan #1:

GORGEOUS costume by fantastic artist - perfect scale & incredible detail THANKS!

Turkmenistan #2


Turkmenistan #3:  

Hard to find words to describe it is awesome your work...the Akhal Teke costume is the
most realistic I have ever seen.

Jordan #3:  

Beautiful! great seller! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Jordan #4:

Beautiful item! Thanks so much!

Afghanistan #1:


US Arabian halter:  

speedy delivery! good packaging! great communication! Aok!

US Arabian halter:  

Very nice refined halter. Seller easy to deal with and product sent promptly

Saudi halter:    

Beautiful halter. Quick transaction. Thank you.

Gulf Arab halter:

Beautiful halter, extremely generous seller, HIGHLY recommend!

Gulf Arab halter:

Great item, nice packaging, good communication. Thank you Jill! :)

Islamic Crescent Neck Beads, aquamarine:  

Jill, the neck beads arrived today and they look great on my horse.

Islamic Coin/Crescent/Amulet Set 2006, #1:

It is awesome you are a great artist. I love your customs from all over the world that is
important....thanks so much your work is awesome and you one kind person I love do
business with you.

Islamic Crescent Neck Beads, multicolored:

They're very nice! Thank you.

CM "Azareth":   

Nicely packed, great personal artwork!

Cat Restoration:

Oh, no, now I have to clean my house to display your art!

Jeweled jars & boxes commissions:

Beautiful! (4 different people)